Friday, November 13, 2015

Happpppy Mondayyyy

Nope not really excited about Monday but thought I would make an effort! :) Here are a couple of projects that I worked on this weekend.  They were inspired by housecleaning.  As I was cleaning, I came across several lids to candles that were past there prime.  I am sure there are more people in the blogasphere than just I with these laying around, then again maybe not, my DH said to me most people probably throw those away! GASP! perish the thought! you are not actually throwing away perfectly good crafting material are you? Without further delay here are two examples of what you can make with these items.  I used flat heavy glass candle jar lids (the kind from walmart) and a woodwick wooden candle jar lid.

From the glass lids I made a paperweight which I plan on giving to my dad for one of his fathers day presants, I think he will like it for his desk.

How I did it! I washed the lids to remove any candle residue. Then I cut a circle to fit inside rim, inked, glimmered, added my wording from scraps, dropped in some watch parts and adhered paper circle to inside rim of first candle lid with craft glue that dries clear (Aleenes tacky glue) Then I appled same glue to rim of second lid to make a "sandwich".  Now the lids have plastic on bottoms and this is ugggly so I added ribbon around to cover the ugly.

Second project involved the wood wick candle lid, which is a very nice piece of wood. I found a white silk rose (actually I stole it from an arrangement in my living room) I sprayed it with blue and read glimmer mist and stickled it with diamond dust. And did anyone doubt one of these projects would have a butterfly involved of course NOT lol.  This is a Bo Bunny Chipboard one that I glimmered and stickled, and he is king of butterflys so gave him a chipboard crown as well. found a SB doily adhered it first to the base, then the flower and the king butterfly and trimmed bottom with a scrap of ribbon. What do you think?

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