Friday, December 25, 2015

End Times: Are We in the Last Days?

Jesus gave the best rundown of the iconic issues that would be happening preceding His arrival to the earth. The Olivet Discourse is known as the single, longest and most noteworthy prediction of the end of the age in the Bible and since Jesus Himself gives it, we can unquestionably realize that it is exact. His devotees had recently left the sanctuary with Christ and they had remarked on the greatness of the sanctuary, however Jesus rather turned their regard for the end time occasions that would happen only before His arrival. In Matthew 24:3 the supporters solicited Jesus an exceptionally pointed inquiry from "what will be the indication of your coming and of the end of the age?" Many of these predictions have as of now been satisfied. In Matthew 24, Jesus gives us these signs that we are living in the most recent days.

"Jesus replied: "Watch out that nobody betrays you. For some will come in my name, asserting, 'I am the Messiah,' and will beguile numerous" (v 4-5). There have been no deficiencies of devotees guaranteeing to be Jesus, even in the first Century.

"You will know about wars and gossipy tidbits about wars, yet see to it that you are not frightened. Such things must happen, however the end is still to come. Country will ascend against country, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be starvations and seismic tremors in different spots. All these are the start of conception torments" (v 6-8). Yet again, these have been as of now happening and at an always expanding rate. The quantity of tremors and starvations that take after war are becoming exponentially, however a calm cautioning from Jesus is that He says that "these are (just) the starting."

Jesus proceeds by forecasting, "around then numerous will move in the opposite direction of the confidence and will sell out and abhor one another, and numerous false prophets will show up and bamboozle numerous individuals. On account of the increment of fiendishness, the adoration for most will develop icy" (v 10-12). Numerous have failed God, on having confidence in a God, on chapel participation, and have started to despise each other rather than Christ's charge to adore each other and get to be tepid for Christ as well as for other individuals (1 Cor 13, John sections 15-17, Rev 3:14-19).

"As it was in the times of Noah, so it will be at the happening to the Son of Man. 38 For in the days prior to the surge, individuals were eating and drinking, wedding and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39 and they don't knew anything about what might happen until the surge came and took every one of them away. That is the way it will be at the happening to the Son of Man" (v - 37-39). Diminish might have utilized the times of Noah from the reference given by Christ (2 Pet 3:3-4). Individuals will be going ahead as though everything were typical; wedding, having supper, drinking at gatherings, similar to it would go on everlastingly, yet abruptly, much the same as the surge came, so too will be "the happening to the Son of Man" however it will then be past the point of no return.

Pretty much as it will be past the point of no return for those in Noah's day to escape passing from the surge, the unsaved will confront judgment from Jesus Christ. The general population in Noah's day beat on the entryway of the Ark, yet it was God Himself that fixed the entryway close and it was past the point of no return (Gen 7:16). God had given them 120 years to atone however they just chuckled at Noah. Exactly when individuals see the Son of Man coming, they will understand that it is past the point of no return.

Jesus said, "And after that every one of the people groups of the earth will grieve when they see the Son of Man going ahead the billows of paradise, with force and awesome radiance" (Matt 24:30). What grieving it will be for the lost for they will be forever isolated from God and be judged, yet for the individuals who are Christ's own, "he will send his holy messengers with an uproarious trumpet call, and they will accumulate his choose from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the next" (Matt 24:31).

These are they who have effectively set their confidence in Christ and believed Him with their interminable salvation. What a period of cheering for them yet what a period of awful misery for the individuals who won't ever be with their withdrew friends and family who are professors in Christ.


Here is a rundown of the signs on the planet that go before Jesus Christ's second coming:





Sexual perversion


Lip service





Wars expanding

Seismic tremors expanding

Expanding starvations

Expansion of false prophets

Expansion of bogus predictions of Jesus' Second Advent

Drinking parties

In the event that you have not yet put your trust in Jesus Christ, today you can have the sparing confidence that comes just in putting stock in Him. There is no other approach to escape judgment (Acts 4:12).

On the off chance that you need to be spared from the rage of God and get everlasting life, click on the connection at the highest point of this site where it says, "Come to Jesus" and you can be spared today. God is understanding yet He won't hold up perpetually (2 Pet 3:9). Today is the day of your salvation on the grounds that nobody has any surety that they will live past today (2 Cor 6:2). My trust and request to God is that any individual who is unsaved and perusing this may comprehend that we are surely living in the most recent days.

These are the final days and it will be the

start of their time everlasting in damnation in the event that they don't come to sparing confidence today in Jesus Christ our Lord. God doesn't need you, your family, your companions, your associates, or anybody to die (2 Peter 3:9). I don't need that and neither if you.

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